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Jackware, an Emerging Cyber Threat

Jackware, an Emerging Cyber Threat

Cyber attacks cost the world billions every year. And while ransomware attacks are becoming more prevalent, there’s an even more dangerous type of malware that’s becoming more commonplace. It’s called Jackware.

Jackware is a type of malware focused on taking over your machines and making them do things you don’t want them to do. In some cases, these incidents lead to bodily injury and property damage.

Jackware & Cyber Insurance

Believe it or not, bodily injury or property damage losses caused by Jackware incidents won’t be covered by your cyber insurance policy. You’d need to have a different type of commercial policy in place. Can you guess what is it?

If you don’t feel like guessing, feel free to check out our latest resource for the answer and more information about Jackware attacks: There’s a Bigger Villian in Town: Meet Jack – Jackware to be Formal.

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