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Success Stories

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You’ve probably heard this phrase before. Around here, we mean it.

Victories Achieved for Our Clients

Roofing Contractor

Lowered rate annually 25% every year for previous 4 years.
Negotiated X-mod revision withdrawl. Resulted in $100k annual savings.
Assisted in Workers’ Comp claims management (X-mod went from 164 in 2015 to 88 in 2018).

Bathtub Manufacturer

Saved $70k on first year workers’ compensation renewal.
2014 X-mod was 228 and is now 82.

Environmental Contractor

Saved roughly $90k by using a carrier that had previous never seen the submission.
Added Mold Coverage Sublimit for no extra cost. Pollution policies aren’t triggered by Mold Growth alone.

Bridge, Street, & Road Contractor

Saved over $50k first year by using a contractors program that had not been approached in previous years by the incumbent.

Foundation Contractor

Took account on a BOR for Workers’ Compensation Claims Management.
X-mod coming down from 255 to 163 this year.
Savings annually of over $150k
No rate increase after a Workers’ Compensation death claim.

General Contractor

Initial first year savings of $250k (over 30% cost reduction) by using alternative programs available.
Flat rate renewal after $300k General Liability claim.

Highway Conduit Contractor

Initial savings using specialty contractor program of over $100k.

Drywall Contractor

Previous broker had received declination from preferred drywall carrier due to incorrect payroll figures.
After Burnham WGB received BOR, our team took their net rates from $28.00 to $15.00, a workers’ compensation savings of nearly half.
Stewarded workers’ compensation claims; X-mod started at 128 and is now 73.
Net Workers’ Compensation rates cut in half.

Residential Yard Renovation Contractor

Took account on BOR for Workers’ Compensation Claims Management
Found alternative program that saved them over $100k first year.
X-mod has lowered from 189 to 137.
Projected X-mod for coming year at 108.

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