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How Insurance Can Help Restaurants During a Power Outage

How Insurance Can Help Restaurants During a Power Outage

Hello darkness, my old friend. I’m talking literal darkness here. With the weather in CA lately, many of our food and beverage clients experienced power outages from gusting winds and heavy rains. When power is out at a restaurant, warehouse, or manufacturing plant, operations must cease. Employees can’t operate machinery, computer networks are disabled, and customers can’t be served. Insurance to the rescue!

Oh no! Did your claim get denied? Not on my watch. There is a certain coverage required for income and expense loss due damaged power lines that is not embedded in most Property Insurance policies. You have to know to ask for it to be included. So many policies I review don’t include the proper coverage. And the crazy part is that the coverage is super cheap! We’ve had clients get payments of over $100,000 for lost income and spoilage from their insurance companies.

It’s scary to think that you don’t know what to ask for when it comes to commercial insurance coverage. This is why working with a specialist in the food and beverage industry is critical. Want to speak with one? You can call us directly or use the contact form to connect with me!

Chris Trombley, CIC, PCQI

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