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5 Reasons Every College Graduate Should Consider an Insurance Career

October 30th, 2023 This month we had the pleasure of hosting a booth on the California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) campus to talk insurance careers with soon-to-be graduates and alumni. It had us thinking a lot about why every college graduate should consider building a career in the ever-evolving insurance industry. Without further ado, here…
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3 Ways to Secure Your Home for Holiday Travel

The last thing you want is to return from your holiday trip to find someone has broken in. Follow these three tips to help secure your home.

Personal Insurance for Young Adults: Cutting Through the Jargon

Insurance isn’t something we usually even think about until it’s needed. Here are the basics of personal insurance for young adults.

Benchmarking for Private Risk: Surprise, It Isn’t Just for Businesses

Benchmarking is a powerful tool for businesses. But did you know that it can help you manage your private risk as well?

2023 State of the Market Mid-Year Report (Full)

In recent years, we have seen many unpredictable events impacting businesses, individuals, and the insurance industry. From economic turmoil and shifting workforce dynamics to extreme weather events and geopolitical unrest, it is crucial to plan for the unplanned.

2023 Private Risk State of the Market Mid-Year Report

The private client insurance market has long been characterized by its exclusivity and care for high-value coverage for valuable assets like homes, automobiles, art, collectibles, and more. However, in recent years, the private client insurance market has faced one of the tightest markets in history.

Tips to Help Safeguard Your Personal Identity Online

Shopping, gifting, and donating online can be fast, convenient, and efficient. You’ll just want to make sure it’s safe, too! In this post, we’re going to cover tips to help you safeguard your personal identity online. Let’s jump right in. Browse securely or bounce. Before you transact on a website, you’ll want to make sure…
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How to Reveal Private Insurance Policy Gaps: What Questions to Ask

Private insurance policy gaps and overlaps can impact your personal wealth. On one hand, you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of a claim-triggering event. At the same time, you don’t really want to overpay for redundant or unnecessary coverage either. So, what do you do to avoid either situation? We recommend…
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Burnham WGB Designated 2023 Chubb Cornerstone Elite Agency

Chubb is a leader in the insurance industry, thanks in part to its size, longevity, and commitment to delivering specialized products and services. That’s why we are pleased to announce that our Private Risk Management team has yet again earned the designation of Chubb 2023 Cornerstone Elite Agency! This marks the 15th year in a…
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The Most Common Retirement Planning Mistake

For some, retirement seems like a far-off reality. After all, earning enough to retire rarely happens overnight. In order to live out your retirement comfortably, most people will need to think ahead and plan accordingly. But, it’s easy to fall prey to common retirement planning mistakes. There’s one mistake in particular that you definitely want…
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