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Insurance Talking Points to Teach Young Adults Early

Insurance Talking Points to Teach Young Adults Early

A lot of young adults come to understand they need various insurance policies. Before they start driving, they will come to understand they need auto insurance. But, do they understand why insurance is such an important part of financial planning?

In this post, we’re going to cover a couple key talking points for you to cover with your young adult at an to help them better plan for their future.

Insurance is a necessity.

There are certain things in life that require having and proving that you have insurance:

  • Driving a car
  • Owning a home
  • Seeing a doctor

That’s because the costs associated with cars, homes, and your health can be expensive. In other words, insurance is a key to your financial security that helps you stay protected in the event of a loss.

Insurance helps protect what you care about from unexpected risks.

Insurance can help pay for damages, medical bills, or repairs if your car is ever in an accident and damaged beyond repair.

More Key Talking Points About Insurance

These are just a couple of talking points you will want to cover with your young adult. If you want more, you can find a more comprehensive list by downloading our resource: Lessons About Insurance to Teach Your Children Early.

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The truth? These talking points are a good start. However, setting your young adult up for financial success will take more than just a few conversations about the importance of insurance. When you’re ready, connect with our Private Risk Management Team for help educating and protecting your family.