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COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Understand the impact of COVID-19 on workers’ compensation claims and how to navigate the related risks.

One Insurance Policy Every College Student Should Have

Does your college student have all the essentials they need to return to school? No, we’re not talking about the myriad of sweatshirts, books, snacks, electronics, and other gear that will be crammed inside the car before they head off. Instead, we’re talking about Private Risk Management. And, specifically, making sure your student has the…
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Top Pool Safety Tips to Help Maximize Your Summer Fun

Summer is prime pool time, which means now is a good time to prepare your pool or facility for maximum enjoyment and safety for all. After all, public pool and hot tub operators can be held responsible for incidents if it’s found a safe environment wasn’t provided to guests. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and compiled…
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