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The Most Common Retirement Planning Mistake

For some, retirement seems like a far-off reality. After all, earning enough to retire rarely happens overnight. In order to live out your retirement comfortably, most people will need to think ahead and plan accordingly. But, it’s easy to fall prey to common retirement planning mistakes. There’s one mistake in particular that you definitely want…
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How Private Policy Lapses Work in a Hard Market

The California insurance market has hardened. The insurance industry has recently limited its ability to secure reinsurance. This reinsurance issue has created underwriting challenges for carriers, causing many insurers to limit their footprint in California. A smaller carrier footprint means private policy holders face fewer options and higher premiums. But that’s not all. Today, in…
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How to Make a Soft Landing in a Hard Insurance Market

The commercial property insurance market has hardened. The good news is insurance buyers and their brokers can still take action to help ensure they receive adequate coverage and the best rates, terms, and conditions at renewal. What does it mean for an insurance line to “harden”? It means carriers have a lower appetite for risk,…
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2023 Workers’ Compensation Trends to Watch

The workers’ compensation segment has been profitable for eight consecutive years, with the combined ratio falling under 100 every year since 2014. However, the ratio bottomed out at 79 in 2016 and has been slowly increasing ever since. Despite this trend, industry experts predict that the market’s past profitability will still allow for some stability…
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Can AI Create Employment Practice Liability Exposures?

AI systems can help companies’ advertise open positions, analyze resumes, test applicants, and identify top-performing employees for promotions. According to industry data, over one-third (35%) of businesses utilize AI systems. While these systems offer various benefits, such technology may also pose employment practices liability (EPLI) exposures. Specifically, AI systems, although intended to provide impartial results,…
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What Does 2023 Have in Store for Directors & Officers Insurance?

The years prior to 2022 were tough for the directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance segment, which were characterized by double-digit rate increases and lowered capacity. Market conditions in 2022, however, proved more favorable than the years prior. While conditions proved more favorable, the benefits were largely determined by what type of company you operate:…
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Property Insurance: Preparing Your Renewal

The 2022 catastrophe season is poised to deal a far-reaching blow to a shaky property insurance market already facing multiple pressures. With rising inflation and possible recession, insureds and their brokers will need to get even more strategic to navigate renewals. The 2023 insurance renewal season already upon us, so we thought it would be…
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Navigating Cyber Security

Protect your business from cyber threats! Learn how to respond to the current threat landscape and how to prepare for what’s coming next.

CYBERCRIME The Secret COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn how cybercrime has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic and what you can do to protect your business.

Ergonomics at Home

Work comfortably and safely at home with our expert guidance on ergonomics.